Best Hair Loss Treatment

Skip these treatments

Don't let the ads fool you. Stay away from hair growing scams that waste your money such as:

Products that claim to exfoliate follicles:
Any dead skin in your follicles won't prevent hair from growing, so exfoliating them is useless, says dermatologist Valerie D. Callender, M.D.
Electrical scalp stimulators:
These devices supposedly stimulate hair growth with electric current. "There's absolutely zero proof that they work," says dermatologist Cherie M. Ditre, M.D.
Special vitamin formulas:
While vitamins help keep hair healthy, none will cause it to regrow.

There are many products that say they will regrow your hair.

  • Product to exfoliate
  • Electrical scalp stimulators
  • Lasers
  • Special vitamins
  • Over the counter hair regrowth product

Some of those products can regrow some hair and can also prolong your hair loss, if it runs in your family, but they have been known to grow hair in places you don't want such as facial, arms, stomach or back.

Add volume to your hair

If you don't feel that you are ready for hair replacement, let us add volume to your hair with our products and styling tips without taking the plunge into hair replacement. You can also try camouflaging thinning and add fullness with these styling tips:

Color your hair.
Dying your locks blond if you're light skinned, or brown if you're darker skinned will lessen the contrast between you hair and scalp, making thinning less noticeable.
Use a Volumizing shampoo.
"It briefly swells the hair shaft and makes it look fuller," says dermatologist Valerie D. Callender,M.D.
Get the right cut.
Ask your hairdresser to create a style that makes the most of what you have and makes up for what you don't.